Tricking tourists into thinking Brisbane is cool

In a couple of hours I’m heading to the airport and picking up two friends I made on my university exchange to Sheffield last year. They are coming to Oz for the first time and staying for just 2 weeks. They are spending 4 days of the trip in Sydney but the rest of their time they are staying with me in Brisbane.

I’ve been spending weeks trying to brainstorm ideas on where to take them then I had a lightbulb moment and thought..

So friends I come to you with the desperate plea of helping me to make Brisbane seem ‘cool’.

Let’s face it, we’re no Melbourne. We’re not the cultural hotspot or shopping capital of the country. But we also aren’t the hole that is Canberra – thank goodness!

When overseas I was constantly questioned about Brisbane and what activities we offer for tourists. Most of the time I said well we’ve got the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast just an hour or so away, theme parks (again at the coast), and then well Southbank.

The problem I have worked out is that when you actually live somewhere you don’t view it like a tourist. When you’re on holiday you look up what events are on and everyday you fill the day with going to new places. Unfortunately when you live somewhere you tend to stick to what you know and what is comfortable. I am hoping to slowly break out of this and treat our city like a tourist does.

It started when I went to Black Bear Lodge in the valley last week to support a mate playing at their open mic night. Can I start by saying the Valley on a week night is SO NICE. Nothing like on a Saturday night when its filled with scantily dressed girls failing to walk in their sky-high heels. Blackbear Lodge was a ridiculously cool little hideaway AND (here’s the best bit) it wasn’t plagued with pretentious hipsters! Who knew such places still existed?!

Take Alfred & Constance for example. Awesome place, an old Queenslander turned into a bar and club with a tiki theme. Killin’ it. Sadly on a Saturday night it is so full of people that it’s like being in a mosh pit. I stand there trying not to get squished toes just thinking..


So yes help a sister out.

Actually please scratch the last thing, I am the whitest girl in existence and definitely can’t pull that off.

I’m in search of day and night activities to show my english friends that Brisvegas is actually a place worth visiting. So please…


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